Christmas inspiration

by anaisstoelen

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.. ”

I’ve put this post together to share my love for Christmas decorating, giving you a glimpse of the jolly spirit in our home. Since Pinterest and DIY blogs are hot and people like to see what inspires others, I too wanted to share my projects. From now on, next to recipes, you will also find life style posts on this blog. Now, let’s sneak in!


Christmas inspiration

Excited?! These ideas may start your own creative engine! (Scroll down for more inspirational photos)


Tree branches

Some white coated tree branches you’ve brought along from the park will serve as decoration in many ways for examples: glitter dipped, make a wreath, hang in front of a window with christmas ornaments, break into short pieces and glue around a tea light, etc.

Tiny and sweet

I also like to put some subtile, tiny decorations here and there. For instance some golden sprayed miniature trees under a glass bell on the hall table, a few sprayed trees standing in the window frame, small porcelain houses for tea lights, white deers with small wreaths around their necks, small white felt stars hanging behind the window, etc.


Collages with candles and pine cones

With some natural, white, glittered, .. pine cones you can come a long way making decorations. They’re lovely to use in wreaths (looks lovely in combination with any of the following greenery: pine needles, bark, moss, branches,  ..) Pine cones are also lovely to scatter around on decorative trays (mirrored, wooden, threw iron, cany trays, etc.) between candles and tea lights. Please be cautious for fires.



Mistletoes are a must when celebrating Christmas. It’s part of the tradition,  don’t you think? With mistletoes there are also many ideas for you to try, such as:

wreaths, a romantic crown to wear as a headpiece (perhaps add some flowers), a bouquet (to hang upside down, as a gift to the hostess at a dinner party, to put into small and big antique vases (you could add some holly, greenery, rosemary branches, dried hydrangea, Sea Lavender, etc.), table decorations, ..

How to give your imitation Christmas tree a more natural look with classy feel using blush and mocha. 

I’ve chosen an imitation tree with various tones of green, scandinavian inspired. What I like to do is to create a more natural look by adding various natural things before hanging the lights.

Things like: variations of pine cones, dried flowers, imitation flowers with silky leaves, imitation greenery, ..

Ornaments: mostly glass Christmas balls in colors blush and mocha (a combination of mat and shiny, smaller and bigger ones), (glass) icicles, ornaments in felt, antiques ( Christmas balls and other ornaments)



Florist (mostly)Walter Van Gastel

Photographer Anaïs Stoelen –


Most important! Have fun expressing yourself by making your home a warm and welcoming place to celebrate the Christmas holidays!