Coffee mocha pudding with Amaretti

by anaisstoelen

We all love coffee right? Il caffè è così delizioso..!

So here’s a little something dolce for the coffee lovers.. An italian pudding with coffee and Amaretti di Saronno biscuits. It’s a smooth pudding with bittersweet accents like the Amaretti biscuits, the coffee and chocolate. I use the small Amaretti biscuits but you can also use the big ones if you crumble them up. If you want to use the original Amaretti biscuits and you can’t find them in your local supermarket, you can order them online.

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I must note out to you that this pudding is alcoholic, because of the delicious rum. But no worries folks, it’s perfectly fine without alcohol. (Simply replace the rum with espresso.)

mocha pudding

Pudding for 4 people

List of ingredients:

– 1 liter milk

– 120 gram crystallized sugar

– 80 gram cornstarch

– one tablespoon of rum (one for every glass)

– 12 gram coffee powder (I used Kimbo coffee)

– 8 gram chocolate powder

– a few Amaretti di Saronno biscuits (italian bitter biscuits) (one for every glass)

– a small pinch of sea salt

Making pudding!

Fill a glass with milk (about 10 tablespoons of cold milk). You will be needing that glass at the end of the preparation.

Start by adding the milk and the sugar to one sauce pan, slowly heat the mixture and stir occasionally. Let it come to the boil.

While we are waiting for the milk to boil, you can choose 4 cocktail glasses for the presentation. Put some biscuits in each glass and pour over the rum. Allowing the cookies to soak up the delicious rum and become tender.

When the sweetened milk is boiling and it’s rising, quickly remove the saucepan of the heat. Take the glass of milk and slowly pour the cornstarch into the glass, while stirring with a fork until the texture is smooth and silky. Put the sauce pan on the heat again and slowly pour the glass of binding mixture into the sauce pan, keep stirring the milk, until it’s thick and feels like pudding.

Now, add in the salt, coffee powder and chocolate powder. Stir just a little bit more, until it looks smooth and mocha.

Turn of the heat and let the coffee mocha pudding cool down a few minutes before pouring it into the glasses. (When glass is thin and fragile it could break when pouring in a very hot liquid.)

è prontooo! 🙂

Tip: I decorate the top with a few extra Amaretti biscuits. & I prefer to eat my pudding cold. How do you like your pudding?

Please feel free to share the recipe.. and leave your comments! 🙂