Taboulé Monaco and eggplant gratin with feta

by anaisstoelen


This meal feeds 4 – 6 people/ ready in 30 – 45 minutes tops!


For the taboulé:
– 200 grams of couscous
– a handful of chopped dill
– 50 grams of raisins
– 2 slices of bio smoked salmon
– about a tea spoon of ground cinnamon
– a good pinch of salt
– a good pinch of white pepper
– 2 handfuls of chopped rucola
– a few branches of white celery, finely chopped
– a few grams of baking powder
– about 1 liter boiling water
– half a bio cucumber, finely chopped
– a handful of sun-dried tomatoes (with basil)

Eggplant gratin with feta:
– one bio eggplant
– about 2 dl of passata (tomato pulp)
– a pinch of white pepper
– a pinch of sea salt
– a tablespoon of regular olive oil

Let’s prepare the dish!

– Start by preheating the oven to a 180 degrees Celsius
– cut thin slices of the eggplant, by cutting lengthwise
– take a baking dish and grease the bottom with the olive oil
– place the slices of eggplant in the dish
– pour over the passata until the eggplants are almost completely covered
– sprinkle the salt and pepper
– place the dish in the oven under a hot grill for around 20 – 30 minutes
– while the eggplant is in the oven we can start with the making of the taboulé

– take a large dish, or a tagine
– pour in the dry couscous and put it under water with just enough boiling water.. Put a lid on it for a few minutes
– stir the absorbed couscous and make sure the texture is loose
– shortly cook the finely chopped celery (about 10 minutes) in enough boiling water with the baking powder (keeps the celery light green)
– add all the ingredients of the list, gently fold them in

– check the gratin
– let it rest for a few minutes until it is lukewarm and then add the cold feta on top

– tip: you can make it a day in advance.. and it’s best enjoyed cold