Bruschetta pomodoro

by anaisstoelen


Up to 8 pieces
List of ingredients:

– about a hand full of cherry tomatoes, quartered and mashed a little
– one or two cloves of garlic (depending on how sharp you like it), mashed
– a good splash of extra virgin olive oil
– a hint of white pepper
– a hint of salt
– a tiny drizzle of red wine vinegar
– fresh basil
– about 8 to 10 pieces of bread.. I use white bread..

Cut out shapes of bread, round, square or triangular..
Heat up your grillpan.
Bake the breads on each side until they feel like toasted breads.. Flip sides regularly to prevent them from burning.
Remove the breads from te heat when ready and let them cool down while you make the tomato topping.

Take a bowl and add in the quartered cherry tomatoes.. add all the ingredients and stirr them into the tomato mixture.

Serve with fresh basil.
Tip: can be great as a starter/antipasto, a quick and light lunch or as finger food