Home made green tea with lemon and rosemary

by anaisstoelen




– 1/2 juicy lemon in slices
– one big branch of fresh rosemary
– one liter of boiling water
– about two tsp of china gunpowder dried tea
– a good splash of elderflower syrup
– about 8 cubes of regular sugar (you can alter the amount of sugar, as you like, or you can use honey instead)
(- a few ice cubes per glass when served)

How to:

– Just boil the water and make the tea
– add the lemon slices, rosemary, syrup and sugar to the tea.
– let the tea infuse for a few minutes.. Depending on how strong you want it to be
– stir the tea and make sure the sugar is completely disolved
– done
– place the tea in a cool area and leave it there to cool down to room temperature.. This may take a few hours.. So I suggest you make the tea in the morning and it will be very delightful at noon..
– if pleased, serve with ice cubes
– store in the fridge for 2 days max

Hope you enjoy it!