Spirelli pasta with pesto and mozzarella

by anaisstoelen

// pesto sauce up to serves up to 6 persons – pasta per person

– 3 cloves of garlic
– +- 150 gram young Pecorino cheese (or you can also use Manchego)
– extra virgin olive oil (add to your own taste, in order how oily you want the pesto to be)
– about two hands of fresh basil
– sun dried, candied tomatoes about 150 grams
– a little bit of grounded pepper
– spirelli pasta about 100 grams per person
– one mozzarella di bufala cheese

Preparing the dish
Cook the pasta about 8 minutes in a big cooking pot.

In the mean while put all the ingredients (except for the mozzarella) in to a large blend glass.
Use a blender to mix the ingredients and mix until you get a nice smooth pesto. You can always add more olive oil if the consistancy is not oily enough.

Drain the pasta. Plate it up.
Serve with the pesto and shred the cold mozzarella over the pasta.