Abricots and love

by anaisstoelen

Hi people!

My name is Anaïs Stoelen, from Antwerp, Belgium. You may know me as a photographer. Photography is my biggest passion, I must confess. But I also enjoy home made dishes and the happiness of creating lovely meals. Cooking is my thing! About two years ago I suddenly got the idea of blending my two passions together. I came up with the idea of making a professional cook book. A book that inspires you to create other than typical dishes on to the every day menu. Food has to be healthy, delicious, make you happy and fulfilled, and all this for a friendly budget. In my book and blog I also work with a lot of biologic farmed products and fresh products from the market.

Enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients, put in your feel and love what you’re doing. In order to sell it, you must love it yourself. Than the magic will happen to you. Nowadays I’m still working on my cook book. Soon I will announce it on this blog and it will be for sale via the internet. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the freshly home made blog for food I present you.

My food blog is called Abricots and love. Because, abricots are soft en tender, and that’s the way you should cook. Check my blog for weekly fun recipes and other food news such as lovely places to eat out, markets, special foods, and more. There will be recipes with organic, vegetarian and other healthy foods to read on the blog.

Take this with you: Put in your heart and you will taste the goodness. Most of all. Enjoy food together.